“I have been in business for 38 years, from the commercial tire business to a multi-unit restaurant chain in New Jersey, one of the most competitive market places in the country. During those years I have sold and purchased 7 different commercial businesses and without exception Bielat Santore & Company is the most professional commercial real estate and business broker I have ever had the pleasure of conducting business together.

Most business brokers talk about and promise professional full-service commercial real estate services when they ask to list or find a business. Bielat Santore & Company invented it. They are the gold standard in which all others in their industry are measured against. They perform every aspect a broker should provide, from determining a “real” fair market value for the business, to providing access to financial resources most others have no knowledge of, to dealing with the complicated liquor laws and license transfers of NJ ABC regulations, to dealing with troublesome accountants and lawyers in order to make sure you get the best value for your money whether buying or selling a business. They are the turn-key solution when buying or selling a business. I view them more as a business partner than a business broker over the 25 years of doing business with them.

I very seldom give letters of recommendation to vendors or companies that I conduct business with, as I do not like to share the secrets of my success which allowed me to be the success I am today. However some secrets should not be kept from the world and this is one of them.”

Adrian Stevens
Adrian StevensPresident of Princeton Innkeepers Inc, American Realty Associates, Eagle Rock Management

“Although I had worked with Richard Santore in the past, we recently completed our first restaurant purchase through Bielat Santore & Company. It turned out to be a very wise decision on our part. The firm handled all the proceedings with the highest level of professionalism, service and competency. I am convinced that it was chiefly due to their efforts that we made it to the closing table. They were instrumental in the entire purchasing process, from offer to closing. Although this may have been the first restaurant I purchased through Bielat Santore & Company, it certainly won’t be the last. I will look to Richard and his firm for all of our buying and selling needs in the future.”

Marilyn Schlossbach
Marilyn SchlossbachThe Whitechapel Projects, Long Branch/ What's Your Beef, Rumson/ Langosta Lounge, Asbury Park/ Labrador Lounge, Normandy Beach/ Pop's Garage, Asbury-Shrewbury, NJ

“In our search to find the perfect business opportunity in the restaurant industry we were introduced to Bielat Santore & Company. I am glad we were introduced to one of the most experienced groups in New Jersey to help us succeed. Our search was extensive and spanned more than a two year period. The level of thoroughness and detail from Bielat Santore & Company was unmatched. We were provided insight into potential opportunities that gave us confidence to say no to many deals that were not right for our objectives. Once Richard Santore found the right opportunity for us, we locked in and made the deal happen. After the offer was accepted the hard work kicked in. Bielat Santore & Company provided an end to end service which kept seller and buyer on track to get the deal across the finish line. It is not a deal until you are at the closing table and they did a great job delivering. We look forward to working with Bielat Santore & Company again in the near future.”

Mike and Kathy Maguire
Mike and Kathy MaguireMolly Maguire’s, Rumson, NJ

“Bielat Santore & Company has sold two substantial restaurant properties for me. Their experience and knowledge of the restaurant industry far surpasses the average real estate agency. They cared for the entire transaction from finding qualified buyers to closing the sale. Bielat Santore & Company sold both restaurants with the strictest confidentiality, so much so that my staff and customers did not know I was selling until I announced it to them a couple of weeks prior to closing. The firm’s expertise was instrumental in meeting all of my expectations and selling requirements. I could not be happier with the level of professional service rendered and would highly recommend Bielat Santore & Company to anyone looking to sell or purchase a commercial business and/or real estate property.”

Rod Cunliffe
Rod CunliffeThe Cabin Restaurant, Howell, NJ

“I recently purchased a restaurant through Bielat Santore & Company. The services rendered by the firm were exceptional. They guided me through the entire purchasing process, from offer to closing. Their competence goes far beyond that of the typical real estate office. The firm was instrumental in contract negotiations and preparation, in processing of the liquor license application and in working through the many obstacles that occur in a sizeable real estate transaction. They even placed the financing for me to facilitate a closing. If you are looking to buy or sell a restaurant or any other property within the hospitality industry, I highly recommend engaging the services of Bielat Santore & Company.”

Tom Jaspan
Tom JaspanThe Ivy League/The Chapter House, Howell, NJ

“Bielat Santore & Company came highly recommended by my father-in-law who was a banker. He had conducted business with the company for many years. When we decided to open our first restaurant we sought out the services of Bielat Santore & Company. They did such a good job locating, negotiating and finalizing that transaction, that we have purchased all of our restaurants from them. Seven in total! The firm is very professional at what they do. Their knowledge of the restaurant industry coupled with their ability to facilitate a real estate sale, lease or exchange and bring financing to the table through institutional lenders and private investors puts Bielat Santore & Company head and shoulders above the average real estate agency. We will continue to engage their services and recommend the firm to others within the hospitality industry.”

Robert Webster/Angelo DiCapua
Robert Webster/Angelo DiCapuaMJ’s Restaurants (Tinton Falls, Middletown, Neptune, Matawan, Spotswood, Bayville, Long Branch, NJ)

“We want to thank Bielat Santore & Company for selling our restaurant. We had it listed previously with another broker where it spent a year on the market without being sold.  Bielat Santore & Company told us up front that they could sell it; and they did! The firm understood our needs as a seller and their team of professionals made the entire process go smoothly. They handled all facets of the sale in order for the closing to happen as quickly as possible.  It was a pleasure working with Bielat Santore & Company on the sale of our restaurant.”

Patrick & Theresa O'Connor
Patrick & Theresa O’ConnorThe Cambridge Inn, Spotswood, NJ

“I was in the restaurant and bar business for 45 years, 30 of those as owner and operator of the Adriatic Restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ. Over the years real estate agents came knocking on my door telling me they had a buyer for my restaurant. In the early years I was not interested in selling. However, toward the end of my career I entertained these solicitations. Not a single one delivered. That’s when I contacted Bielat Santore & Company who had been selling restaurants for almost as long as I had been running them. They told me they would get the place sold. I believed them and engaged their services. Six months later I was sitting at a closing table. They did what they said they would do. Take my advice; if you are looking to buy or sell a restaurant or bar, don’t waste your time with tire-kickers; call Bielat Santore & Company. They get things done!”

Stanley Tokic
Stanley TokicAdriatic Restaurant, Asbury Park, NJ

“Bielat Santore & Company exceeded our expectations as the commercial real estate firm that sold us our restaurant. Their expertise and knowledge of the restaurant industry far surpasses the average real estate agency and was instrumental in our decision making process. Bielat Santore & Company not only located the right business for us, they assisted in the offer and contract stages, processed our liquor license application, secured financing to facilitate the transaction and worked with a team of professionals to close the deal. We could not be happier with the level of professional service rendered and would highly recommend Bielat Santore & Company to anyone looking to purchase a commercial business and/or real estate property.”

Larry Reismann
Larry ReismannCharley’s Other Brother, Mt. Holly, NJ

“Owning and operating a restaurant business is a very time intensive endeavor. That is why when I decided to purchase a second restaurant I contacted Bielat Santore & Company. Their team of professionals not only did the leg work of finding and filtering locations for me, they managed the entire transaction. The firm directed me to the right team of professionals and coordinated those professionals with the tasks required to close the deal. Bielat Santore & Company did what they do best; buy and sell restaurants, allowing me to do what I do best; run my restaurants. I highly recommend the firm to anyone who is entertaining buying or selling a restaurant.”

Giovanni Bougdour
Giovanni BougdourSan Remo Restaurant, Red Bank/ La Provencia Restaurant, Shrewsbury, NJ